“A detox. A big, massive, see you later detox.”

So I was talking to my boss at work this week about my car insurance renewal and how it’s more expensive that it was last year which is weird because I have 2 years no claims…

“So this is the weird thing…I got the paperwork through yesterday evening, saw the price and sort of shrugged it off because I had just got home and couldn’t be bothered to think about it and I didn’t think about it for the rest of the night and went to bed and that was that. Then at 5am on the dot this morning my eyes snapped open and a voice in my head went “that car insurance price isn’t right” And at 5am I was on a comparison website on my phone, putting in my details and getting car insurance quotes. What is wrong with me?!”

And my boss replied…

“Because I know you quite well Abby…that isn’t that weird and doesn’t surprise me much at all.”

And I got thinking about the countless amount of times I have woken up bolt upright at a stupid time, whether it’s late at night or ridiculously early in the morning and had to investigate something because that voice in my head woke me up and said “that’s not right.”

No brain, you’re not right!


I’ve researched things to do with my health, my cats health, cars, music, mental illness, how to plan a wedding, TV aerial installation, flats, money help, essays, Xbox games, Playstation games, dream meanings, films, directors, artists, dinosaurs, sharks, Lady Gaga (big love to LG!) – honestly the list is extensive and it’s like my brain is constantly shouting “don’t sleep Abby! You don’t need to sleep…look at all this stuff you could be looking at!”

I’ve heard from a lot of people who have this problem, not just those suffering with anxiety. It’s really common for people to not be able to shut off when they are trying to sleep, or wake up late at night with their thoughts going on and on. But the thing I wonder is if people have these thoughts then act upon them like I do and that’s probably the thing that frustrates me most about this.

If it was just thoughts it’d be annoying but I’d just sit there with it but I think because of my anxiety combined with my OCD it then results in me going “I have to check this right this second.”

HOWEVER, I think I may have found a way to help soothe this part of my mind…


A detox. A big, massive, see you later detox.

I decided one of the possible causes for my brain over-thinking sometimes was spending way too much time on my phone, purely out of habit. So I did the unthinkable and deleted the Facebook apps from my phone.


I know, I know. I hope you were all sat down for that bombshell.

So I deleted those little blue buggers and within a couple of hours I felt better. Literally a few hours.

I wasn’t sitting there scrolling through my Facebook news feed or checking messenger to see if anyone had popped up. I had left my phone alone.

Even now I still haven’t re-downloaded the apps and I have no interest in doing so either. I feel so much lighter and more able to focus on my immediate surroundings and enjoy the moment a lot more.

Learning how to enjoy the moment has been key for me in helping my busy thoughts and mind and who would have thought something as simple as deleting some apps from my phone would also prove to be vital in my personal growth.

So maybe just have a little think (it seems a bit counterproductive to say to someone who is over-thinking to think I know) about what things you can perhaps cut out a bit. And by no means does it have to be permanent at all, just try it.

Even if it’s for one afternoon, just try deleting an app you’re constantly scrolling through or try and get away from your laptop. Whatever it is you feel is distracting your mind and draining your energy.

I guarantee Facebook will still be there when you get back.


PS. I have every intention of sharing this on my Facebook page yes, but I shall log out immediately afterwards! Don’t judge me!


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