If you can get yourself just one quiet moment in this ever growing noisy world, why not just grab it?

I’m in quite a good place lately.

My mental health is good and in check, it’s been sunny and I’ve been enjoying the wonderful company I keep around me.

There’s been an interesting development in the past week or so as well…

My fiance sent me a message on Wednesday afternoon, on his day off, telling me he had made an investment. He sent me a photo of some Warhammer 40,000 he had got. Now I have no idea what this game really is, all I know is that you put together some figures and paint them.


What I didn’t expect however was what taking up this old hobby would do to Adam.

Adam suffers with quite bad ADHD. Sleep is a real struggle for him, sitting still, remembering things etc etc. You name the symptom, he’s got it. And ever since I met him I’ve never seen him sit still and focus quietly on something for long, that was until he got his Warhammer again.

When I got home on Wednesday we had dinner, and straight away he was putting all his models together and painting them. He was so calm, focused and thoroughly enjoying himself! Completely at peace. It was so lovely to see because I know how frustrating it is for Adam when he can’t switch off.

The next day we went into town and I bought Adam some more Warhammer, because I could already see the benefits it was having on him and if it’s helping even a little I’ll do what I can to keep that support around him.

Then I started thinking, if an old childhood hobby Adam took up again could soothe a busy ADHD mind, could one of my old childhood hobbies do the same for my busy anxious mind?

One hobby I’ve never stopped is gaming, so I thought I’ve got that as a little mind soother that I use quite regularly.

But what else did I enjoy?

A tv show called Yu-Gi-Oh!


For those of you who don’t know Yu-Gi-Oh! is a Japanese (English Dubbed versions are available too!) anime series, based around a card game called Duel Monsters. Lots of magic, good guys fighting bad guys and monsters looking awesome. Everything you’d expect from an Anime Series…

When I was younger I was literally obsessed with this show and the card game. I used to record the tv show onto blank VHS tapes (yep VHS. Remember that?) and watch them over and over and over again. I had hundreds of the cards and I made my own cards.

My names Abby and I’m a Yu-Gi-Oh-Aholic.

I re-watched the show on Netflix about a year ago and got a couple of the comics too and fell in love all over again. So how could this old obsession help me in my adult life?

yu gi oh

That’s right. On Thursday 30th March I went onto Amazon and purchased a set of 2 starter decks of the Yu-Gi-Oh card game.

Thanks to Amazon Prime they came the very next morning. I’m not going to try and downplay this either. I was excited. Like really excited.

Admittedly they’re not what I remember from the cards when I was younger (“alright keep your hair on Grandma”) but it didn’t mean the nostalgia was any less.

On Saturday Adam went off to a gig in Luton which meant I was at home by myself with the cat…and an amazing card game I had missed dearly.


I set up on the kitchen table and I was away. I spent a good 2 hours straight playing this game (against myself technically) totally focused and engulfed. It was incredible.

I was remembering all the trap cards you could play to win over your opponent, and how with one good move you could tip the whole battle in your favour. It was a full on nerd out.

I didn’t touch my phone, I didn’t look at a computer and my mind was calm.

If there’s something you remember that you loved doing when you were younger, why not try taking it up again? Whatever it is!

I think going back to a really simple mental place I was in when I was younger just made all that adult stuff I’m always thinking about stop for a moment.

It doesn’t make that stuff disappear, but if you can get yourself just one quiet moment in this ever growing noisy world, why not just grab it?

Plus, I’m always up for playing Yu-Gi-Oh! with someone…





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