Post Valentines Day Blog


In this blog I wanted to primarily write about my amazing fiancé but also write about how silly I find valentines day to be.

I realise Valentines day was a few weeks ago now, but sometimes you find yourself busy and that blog you’re desperate to write takes a back seat for a while [sorry blog].

Adam and I didn’t do anything for Valentines Day this year, much the same as every other year because we both feel it to be a bit of a pointless day and it’s primary cause is to make companies some money. Adam and I also agree that you should cherish your nearest and dearest every day of the year anyway, and there shouldn’t just be one day you set aside to say “I love you”.

One thing I usually say to Adam, each day is “Happy (insert relevant day here)! I love you!” because every morning I wake up and I can see him there snoring with his arms laying next to him and his tattoos on show, and it makes me love him even more, if that was at all possible.

I’m not one to be soppy and write how much I love that dude all over facebook, if anything the most I do is send him guitar memes [he is obsessed.] but I wanted to just write down how much I love him, even if it’s just once in a blog.

Throughout the past few years I have been depressed and suffered with regular anxiety attacks, and throughout all that Adam has held my hand and stayed there with me. When we first met he had just started University, and he could quite easily have said to me he wanted to just enjoy himself not deal with a depressed girlfriend who didn’t always treat him as well as she should have.

I did some horrible things that I’m not proud of and despite the fact I wasn’t very well mentally, I know that isn’t necessarily an excuse to treat someone badly, but through all that he still stuck by me. He showed me this unconditional, beautiful love I had never experienced before. He showed me so much kindness when all I had received from previous boyfriends was aggression and cruelty.

Adam is without a doubt the most wonderful, genuine and caring human being I have ever met. He is one of the sole reasons I get out of bed every day, and he keeps me going when I tell myself I can’t possibly go out into the world today.

I guess what I’m trying to say in this blog is valentines day is totally irrelevant. If you have someone helping you through each day, whether it’s a friend, a family member or a boyfriend/girlfriend tell them they have helped you.

Tell them that without them things would be a bit harder.

Tell them that sometimes they are the only reason you got out of bed.

And if nothing else, tell them you love them.

You may find that you doing that could actually be the reason they get up that morning and face the day despite what inner battle their mind is going through.

A valentines card won’t cut it sometimes if you aren’t making the most of your loved ones as much as you can in the here and now.



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