Eleusia – Our Future Is Rebooted EP Review


Eleusia are a 4-piece Psychedelic/Rock band from Kent, and have recently released their debut EP “Our Future Is Rebooted”. I have always thought Psychedelic music is a highly difficult genre to really excel in, but Eleusia have written some great spacey tracks on this EP.

The EP opened with a really cool unique intro, which achieved what all great intros do, threw a load of noise at the listener making them think “what just happened and where is this heading?”

After listening to this EP the entire way through, I felt that the second song in the EP “Addiction” was perhaps less dreamy and psychedelic than the rest, and although it had a cool funk feel to it, I felt perhaps it didn’t sit too nicely next to the other tracks on the EP, and could have perhaps been left out all together.

The next song on the EP was a cover of Pink Floyd’s song “Breathe”, which is clearly a direct homage to one of Eleusia’s main influences, and although I understood why they did a cover of this Psychedelic classic, I felt it could have been done a bit more like the original, with more space for the cool guitar lines and vocals to really shine.

For me, the next two songs were real highlights from this EP. “Romance” really combined some cool psychedelic influences, along with rockier hooks and vocals. I loved it. The droney feel in the guitars and vocals, and then a really gritty guitar solo that is then followed by crackly radio sounds, and samples, it was all so well executed! I loved the way it then went onto this Reggae vibe, with basically a whole new song tagging on the end of another. It’s quite a bold move to make as a band, whether in a live show situation or having recorded it for an EP, either way, it was very brave and very cool.

“Obsolete” is my absolute favourite on this EP. It sums up everything good about Psychedelic music, by allowing the sender to drift off into a whole different place, with only the guitar lines and hooks to cling onto. The vocals were such a lovely touch to this track as well, by not singing any full lines, it just gave the other instruments space to breathe and the listener was able to appreciate each section individually within it’s own right. Perfect.

The final track on the EP “Came and Went” for me, had the same sort of effect “Addiction” did, although I enjoyed it, I felt that it took away the real calming dreamy effect the previous song had, and I personally feel that the entire EP should have finished on “Obsolete”.

Eleusia can write Psychedelic music extremely well, and I felt that perhaps this EP should have focused on that genre primarily, and perhaps in another EP they could experiment more with their funk/rock sound and do an EP dedicated to that.

However, this EP was a great one to listen to and go on a weird and wonderful journey with a band whom I’m sure have some cool tricks up their sleeve for their future musical endeavours.

If you want to check out this band and have a listen to the EP check out the links below!





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