Coldbones – Distance EP Review


Earlier this year I was asked to review Coldbones first EP, and they quickly became one of my favourite post rock bands. In just a few short months, Coldbones have reached new heights and show no signs of slowing down.

They have now been signed to the record label Dream Atlantic Records, have one music video and another due for release any time soon under their belt and their fan base is growing fast!

Before I sat down to listen to the music itself, I was very impressed with the artwork on the EP, as it felt fitting for the band’s sound and image but was incredibly eye catching.

When I clicked play, I could instantly tell this EP was as good, if not better, than their last piece of work.

For me Distance encapsulates everything post rock is about. Songs that tell you a story, without the use of vocals, and draw you in from start to finish. Every guitar part within this EP is woven perfectly into one another, with climatic builds ending on huge, epic soundscapes. The drums never over power, nor over complicate what is needed, and they always remain beautifully in sync with the bass guitar.

There is literally nothing bad I can say about this EP or this band. The fact they haven’t done a single gig yet, and have created such a fantastic sound tells you not only how great these musicians are, but how well they work together in this group.

If I had to pick my absolute favourites on this EP it would probably be a toss up between Space and Far From Living, but this entire EP is worth buying. I just cannot rate this band enough! Everyone needs to check this band out, post rock fan or not, simply because everything they produce is a work of musical art.


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