MIGHT – Tracks & Music Video Review

MIGHT are a rock band hailing from Brighton, and I checked out not only a few of their tracks, but a music video they created themselves too.

The music video is an interesting one, as it’s not particularly long, and like the title suggests it is only 2 minutes long. Featuring someone skating around Brighton town on a long board, whilst filming the activity on a hand held camera, this video is an interesting way of showing the bands music, but also that they want to make their entire band DIY, creating the videos themselves which gives off a very genuine, organic feel, which you can greatly appreciate in a band. The video cuts at points to the lead guitarist standing on the band stand by Brighton Seafront playing his guitar part of the song, again giving the video a very genuine feel.

“Tool” one of the tracks the band has on SoundCloud, I really couldn’t get along with. I felt it was too long with too many stops, and although I did understand what the band were trying to do with the song, it perhaps could just use a bit more work, perhaps an increase of tempo at some point, just something to give it a bit more of an edge.

“Help” felt like it went down a bit more of a punk route, rather than the rock sound I had heard in MIGHT’s other material. I enjoyed how the band had a bit of humour, and attitude within this track, but again I felt the structure of it really let the song down, giving it a really lazy feel, that just dragged the song along.

“Sunday Night” again, followed a punk direction, with a more spoken word vocal mixing between the instruments. This felt like it dragged and, like the other songs, needed something in it to really lift it off the ground.

The problem I found with MIGHT was the band seemed to be a bit confused in their sense of genre. Musically it sounded like slow rock music, but vocally it had a punk vibe to it, but by mixing these two genres it left me as a listener confused. If punk is the direction this band want to go they need to have more attitude in the instrumentation, and it needs to have more of a tempo dynamic. However, if Rock is the sound the band want, they need to have some more hooky lines within their instruments, and the vocals need to have more grit and commitment, with less of a lazy vibe.

I did however, appreciate the band’s music video, and the organic nature of it, but I just felt musically MIGHT need to be a bit more certain of which musical direction they want to be heading.



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