RJMARKS – “Calling Out” Single Review


RJMarks are an Indie Rock band from Nottingham, consisting of rhythm guitarist and vocalist Richard Howell, lead guitarist Jake Buckley, Dicky Fountain on bass and John Schofield playing drums.

Their debut single “Calling Out” is set to be released on Monday 27th October, and the band will also be releasing a music video for the single the very same day via their YouTube channel!

“Calling Out” begins with a melodic acoustic guitar, picking out subtle tones, reminiscent of the piano intro to “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol, followed by guitar chords and male vocals filling the song. Richard Howell, singing lead vocals for the track, provides a heartfelt honesty to his lyrics, which lift the song in a genuine way. Before other instruments feature in the track, the listener is drawn into Howell’s vocals and before too long, a bass drum can be heard, which adds a new power behind the song and once the other instruments are incorporated within the music, it is obvious the musicians within RJMARKS are just as passionate about what they are playing as Howell. The song reaches a climatic ending with all instruments supporting Howell’s vocals in a well-directed way, with no musicians attempting to steal the limelight simply allowing breathing space for the vocals to really resonant with the listener. I felt this song truly promotes positivity and also provides a level of depth and personal reflection, which is a challenging thing to achieve for any songwriter.

After listening to “Calling Out”, it was apparent to me all the musicians in RJMARKS have strong songwriting abilities in their own expertise, and with such a positive backdrop, this band have a bright future ahead of them.

Check out all the latest news and music for RJMARKS at the following links!





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