Kit Wharton – The Beach EP


When I was asked to review Kit Wharton’s EP The Beach, I knew very little about him, and it was a really interesting find and from the beginning of the first track entitled “Space Frendz” I felt like I was listening to a very early Fleetwood Mac record, reminiscent of Peter Green’s psychedelic guitar playing, with a blues influence. Immediately I was curious as to what this EP had in store.

“Space Frendz” includes, the psychedelic guitar as previously stated, but also features lo-fi vocals and stomping drums, reminiscent of The Who’s drummer, Keith Moon. The song itself has that psychedelic feel throughout, for example, it doesn’t feel like there has been someone sitting down and saying “let’s do a verse, chorus, verse, chorus”, instead, Wharton has thrown out the rule book and just gone with the feel of the track, which to me, is a great way of songwriting for this particular style.

“Scream Out” is a track reminiscent of, again, a very lo-fi, stompy genre. This felt like it paid direct homage to bands like The Rolling Stones, featuring a catchy guitar riff at the start of the track, and following that with very straight drums and droning sort of vocals. The structure of it is perhaps a bit more traditional than “Space Frendz”, but still followed the sort of psychedelic chaotic feel as the previous track on the EP.

The last full track and the outro on the EP is entitled “Don’t Wanna”, and it has a much more chilled intro compared to the other tracks on the EP. Beginning with a soothing whistle and a single distorted guitar, I was really intently listening to the words the vocalist was saying, and felt it was a very capitulating intro. The rest of the song follows suit, and is a very chilled out track, and I felt it was a good song to end the EP on.

Within this EP, there are also a few short interludes, which I felt sometimes didn’t gel with the rest of the tracks. For example, the short 49 second track entitled “The Beach”, I felt, could have been a full length song on the EP, rather than just a short excerpt, as it began to really take off with drums and guitar towards the end and then it seemed to stop a bit abruptly, but perhaps that is the feel Kit Wharton wanted it to have. The other interludes were more synth based, and I felt were a little too different in terms of genre to the rest of the EP, which again, maybe was the feel Wharton was going for, but to me as a listener I couldn’t quite understand them.

To summarise, “The Beach” is a very cool, old style rock EP and definitely worth a download if you’re interested in that sort of sound, and I would also really like to see this EP performed live, as I’d be really interested to know how it all comes together in a live band situation. However, I did feel that perhaps the mix of genres within the EP didn’t gel as well as they may have been able to, but at the same time I could understand the sort of idea Kit Wharton was trying to portray with the different combination of sounds.

You can download the album from this link;

And check out Kit Wharton’s Facebook Page here;


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