Troyford And The Ragdoll Crumple – Empty Minds Create Dark Places EP Review

Troy EP Cover

When I sat down to listen to this EP, I genuinely had no idea what to expect. This EP has such an array of sounds and styles; it is something of an experience rather than a regular EP.

Troyford Cannell, the man behind this EP, told me he began production last year, and recorded whenever and wherever he could and finally put his hard work into the world in May this year.

The first track on the EP, entitled “Welcome” does exactly what the name suggests. Just a short 50-second introduction, it grips the listener subtly but effectively and with it’s synth based noises pouncing at you through the speakers it gives you an impression something interesting is coming next.

The second track, “(Nothing But) Good Vibes”, is perhaps the most “normal” from the EP as it gives you a warm, pop comfort, but also includes random, synth sounds, which give you a sense of insecurity. The song is reminiscent of The Beatles Revolver era I felt, and also somewhat of a 70’s Ska sound weaved within the many pieces in the track too.

“Empty Dreams Lullaby” is an interesting choice of song to put on the EP, as, to me, it sounded as if it had been plucked straight from a computer game soundtrack, examples that sprung to mind being the Final Fantasy series. This isn’t to say I didn’t think it was a well-composed song, including some interesting dynamic shifts, with the use of orchestral sounding drums. I felt this song however didn’t have the same drive and direction as the previous track and perhaps a song of a similar sound would have helped the EP cruise along slightly better.

The next track is my personal favourite, “Callous-Sky, The Coloured Light” is just filled with odd sounds and strange features, and from start to finish it takes you on this bizarre trippy journey to who knows where, but when the song finishes, you land safely back to where you began and realise the 2 minutes you just spent listening to the song were actually highly enjoyable. To me, the synth sound that features prominently within it is something of a vocal line and you find yourself following it somewhat religiously throughout the track.

From awkward synth sounds to orchestral drums, the EP’s final track “The People’s Tree” seems to incorporate everything this EP wants to say. With a chilling female vocal to open it, you’re instantly on edge and unsure of where the finale of this musical piece is going to take you. The vocals are continuously haunting and ghostly throughout, which I felt was a really interesting way of playing with the listener and showing them how many different noises could be produced in just 4 and a half minutes. The other instruments within the track, have a spooky sound around them, such as the synth sounds and the drums, which have a trippy, reversed effect on them, and all these contribute to the soundscape of the song.

The only thing consistent about this EP is it’s unpredictability, and that is perhaps why I enjoyed listening to it so much. Although, there was the one track I felt was just a bizarre choice, after listening to the EP as a whole, it didn’t seem as odd anymore. Once you as a listener are in this “Empty Minds Create Dark Places” world, it’s somewhat difficult to leave it without feeling some connection to one of the sounds you heard or experienced.


The follow up EP “Conversations With The Machine” is underway and I’m sure Troyford And The Ragdoll Crumple will not fail to bewilder us once again!

To download the EP go to and for all the latest news on this musical project check out




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