Coldbones – Winter: 2014 EP Review



I had the pleasure of checking out Coldbones EP recently and I was truly inspired by the sound this instrumental trio have created! As a massive post rock fan myself, this EP was an absolute joy to review and listen to!

Winter: 2014 features just two tracks and both tracks are individually well thought out, well written and collectively embrace your entire musical being.

The first track entitled “The Hands Between Us” features such an embracing guitar part from the second it begins you’re drawn in instantly, but once the clock work type drumming begins you feel as if you’re being pulled into the Coldbones world, and it’s something no one could resist. The drumming within the track is perfectly fitting for the song, and as a drummer myself, it is extremely refreshing to hear a drummer who isn’t at all self indulgent and just plays for each beat of the music as an entire piece [this isn’t to say the track is lacking in any tasty drum fills!]. The bass line and drum beat sit together so well, and combined with the excellent guitar tone this track just breezes along excellently. My favourite part personally is the heavier break down that appears half way through – it sends you on an intense rollercoaster of high level musicianship, and when all is said and done, you land safely back home with that enticing guitar line.

The conclusion of the EP “Maeve” begins with a deep, heart pounding drum groove, then introduces an equally as deep bass line soon after. This is such a great comparison to how the previous track started, and it is beginning to feel like Coldbones are taking you on an entire journey with this EP. Soon after another killer guitar line is introduced and once again each instrument are playing together in one solid unit. About 2 minutes into the track there appears to be much teasing of an eventual climax, so much so it’s almost uncomfortable, but when the climax hits, the track explodes out of the speakers, and the listener is once again on a ride they don’t want to ever get off of!

Anyone who is a fan of post-rock needs to get their hands on this EP, and those who love music that takes them to a different world all together need this EP! I don’t doubt that Coldbones will develop even more in the new future, and will end up with a huge sound very few will be able to resist!

Check out Coldbones Facebook page for the latest news, and check out their Bandcamp page to download “Winter: 2014”.


2 thoughts on “Coldbones – Winter: 2014 EP Review

  1. Jordan Gilbert says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words .. This really inspires us all to work harder and push this little band forward

    Thank you 🙂

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