Celebrity Culture in The Music Industry

Is “Celebrity” Culture ruining the music industry?

 Kim Kardashian. Katy Perry. What is the difference? One is a creating artist the other, is a rich woman the world is obsessed with.

In recent years the line between artist and celebrity has become incredibly blurred and I want to delve into the world of celebrities and ask why talented singers seem to have been given this “label” and the world follows their every move.

Why are we “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”?

 In recent news “celebrities” such as Kim Kardashian seem to be what people want to talk about. Whilst this isn’t something I particularly have a problem with, what I do find concerning is that people are putting talented artists in the same category as people who haven’t done anything worth looking up to. Kim Kardashian was lucky enough to be born into a rich, wealthy family. That’s nothing more than luck of the draw. Has she worked for any of her recognition? Is she the sort of female role model young women should be looking up to?

As usual Google was able to provide me with some interesting answers.

Someone asked “Why is Kim Kardashian so famous?” to which someone replied, “She was friends with Paris Hilton, then had a sex tape scandal, and then became a model. And her step dad is an Olympic winner”

Now, upon reading that, to me personally, I don’t see anything particularly inspiring. But I do not want to write an article just criticising one person’s life style.

I want to make people realise the difference between someone who’s just been lucky and someone who has worked at their craft and paid their dues to get where they are.

Why shows like “Celebrity Big Brother” need cancelling right away.

 Television shows such as “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” and “Celebrity Big Brother” appear to fuel this celebrity culture our society is becoming more obsessed with. It’s just feeding people’s minds with some z list celebrities desperate to cling onto the small amount of success they had 25 years prior. Although, again, I’m not wanting to criticise people’s ambitions and desires, each to their own, but please stop shoving it into our faces. It makes any genuine and strong work ethic crumble away and people believe that success can be achieved by acting like a moron on national tv.

Originally “Big Brother” was an experiment and a test to see how people would act and behave if they were trapped in one house with other people, with the knowledge of a cash prize up for grabs. Like most shows it started from a genuinely interesting place, now it’s just an excuse for someone to grab five minutes of fame.

Big time artists that started off small!

 Now a days the term “over night sensation” is tossed around regularly when bands begin to get some recognition. But a hit single that people notice is just the tip of the iceberg!

Katy Perry for example was a young singer signed to a record label, desperate for someone to listen to her music. In her documentary, she made it clear for years she gigged extensively, wrote songs constantly and had no money to her name whilst she was making her way into the music industry. Eventually she got signed to Columbia, but rather than give her full creative control with her musical project, they assigned her to a production team entitled “The Matrix”, whom wanted to turn her into a “Avril Lavigne” type singer. Before too long, the label dropped Perry as they didn’t feel they could do anything with her. After more small gigs and continuing to work at her own unique sound, she finally got a deal secured and began creating what she wanted to create.

However, now that Katy Perry is a global act, the media are fascinated in her love life and anything else she may be doing. When she separated from husband Russell Brand, no one seemed to care about her musical career anymore; all anyone wanted to know is how she was coping with her divorce. Why? This is an artist who spent years of work getting to where she is, to get her music heard. Why should we be diving into her private life as if we have some right to it?

Some individuals want to have their private life posted all over the internet, that’s their choice to do that, but what the public need to do is start recognizing genuinely talented acts for their hard work and commitment, and not just focusing on the gossip columns that are at the top of their Facebook news feed.


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